Strange or ironic, that on the day the Tony Award nominations are announced, a lovely obit for Lynn Redgrave appears in the New York Times. Sad that there’s been a run on Redgrave deaths (her brother Colin died earlier this year; her niece Natasha succumbed after a skiing accident in the spring of 2009). She was the low-brow to big sister Vanessa’s high born cachet– always she seemed more accessible, more earthly. It was probably to do with her career trajectory, one that displayed her versatile talent in all media, but found particular expression on television in guest spots, and as the lead on House Calls. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting her, I liked her very much, even when she played foreboding characters, such as the housekeeper in Gods and Monsters (another Oscar nomination). She’ll be missed. RIP.

Lynn, right, with Vanessa in 1966 (photo, Terence Spencer)