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Lynn Redgrave 1943-2010

Strange or ironic, that on the day the Tony Award nominations are announced, a lovely obit for Lynn Redgrave appears in the New York Times. Sad that there’s been a run on Redgrave deaths (her brother Colin died earlier this year; her niece Natasha succumbed after a skiing accident in the spring of 2009). She…

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Corin Redgrave 1939-2010, Christopher Cazenove 1943-2010

Both were Brits who excelled in aristocratic roles.  Corin Redgrave was a second-generation middle child in an acting dynasty whose sisters Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave overshadowed his solid career in films and on the stage (though I’ll not soon forget his towering Tony-nominated performance in Tennessee Williams’ Not About Nightingales at New York’s Circle in the…

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Golden Boy

  It rained in LA.  Cablevision and Disney settled.  Clooney scowled.  Meryl glowed.  Cameron lost.  It’s the morning after the Oscars, that Hollywood rite-of-congratulation where worthy films often lose, when sentiment and box office determines winners, and where evening gowns posit enough importance to rival the Iraq War.  I’ve been a fan of all its…

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Short Cuts: DVD Catchup/January 2008

Shortbus.Director: John Cameron Mitchell. Arriving before HBO’s coital Tell Me That You Love Me, this rather sweet exploration of relationships set in a post 9/11 New York also uses explicit sex as one of its many narrative tools. The result is often sexy and funny (see Francois Ozon) but also a little sad in its…

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