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Vacations like other people

The sea air is a drug that addles reason. How else to explain the amnesia that comes over me every summer on the first bike ride back to the Ram’s Head Inn on Shelter Island?  I forget that its approach involves two short steep hills—the first brings you up to Little Ram’s Head Island, a…

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Another Page

Live from New York: this morning as a family of starlings chirped me into cognizance, I thought, the past is present again.  Funny—it remembered the first day of my Woodstock residency almost a month ago, less evocative of home than a clue to the sheer volume and diversity of bird stock in that neck of…

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Home Fires

I’m a memoirist; in my mind’s eye the past is a series of boxes filled with people, events and places that time recasts over and over.  Depending on shifts of perspective and mood, the land of what-used-to-be can emerge in ways that can baffle, annoy or overwhelm.  In Cincinnati, the city of my birth, my…

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Black Dots

 No it’s not an art installation.  This is a photo taken off the shores of Alabama about 100 miles from the Gulf Spill.  Sad, sad, sad.  Check out the story at Towleroad.  And read the piece in the New York Times about the forgotten folks in Bodo, Nigeria who have been putting up with this for 50…

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House of the rising sun

  The river rose all day The river rose all night Some people got lost in the flood Some people got away alright The river have busted through clear down to Plaquemines Six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline Louisiana 1927, by Randy Newman Stepping foot in New Orleans for the first time…

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A Haggle of Hippies

The past feels very present in the current revival of Hair (Al Hirschfeld Theater). As the kids bop and bounce in Diane Paulus’ high-flowered production, it’s hard not to feel nostalgic about another revolutionary time that mirrors America’s present state. True, those times were fraught with draft card anxieties, routine quells of civil unrest by…

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I feel like a Grecian Dog

Back from Greece and jet-lagged to beat the band. First stop was Santorini where J and I attended a wedding for our pals Nia and Mark. The island is a poem of sky and sea and volcanic mountains, and the perfect setting for the union of two beautiful people (and one of my oldest friends—Nia…

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A week after a perfect Cancun vacation I’m back in New York suffering the shocks that come with a return to the mecca of mass stimuli. In midtown yesterday the weather felt at one with the in-progress 7th Avenue Street Fair; the crammed stalls filled with rows of foods and useless items felt invasive, like…

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