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At war with woe

Last night from the fire escape of our apartment my partner and I gazed downtown to take in the Manhattan skyline.  There were our skyscrapers—the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, Citicorp, Time Warner and the still rising One World Trade Center—dotting the horizon, their spires lit up like an early Christmas.  Suddenly two large…

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Corin Redgrave 1939-2010, Christopher Cazenove 1943-2010

Both were Brits who excelled in aristocratic roles.  Corin Redgrave was a second-generation middle child in an acting dynasty whose sisters Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave overshadowed his solid career in films and on the stage (though I’ll not soon forget his towering Tony-nominated performance in Tennessee Williams’ Not About Nightingales at New York’s Circle in the…

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Robert Culp 1930-2010

A salute to the cool that was Robert Culp, a veteran of TV and film, but most notable as the Bill Cosby’s other half on the groundbreaking (ostensibly because it was the first time a black man and a white man shared top billing in a television show, though their relationship and the intelligence Cosby…

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