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More Oscar Bait!

  Silver Linings Playbook (David O. Russell, director).  Two zanies meet cute, overcome a boatload of wacky complications to find love.  The setup sounds like a plot spun from the delicious mind of a Preston Sturges or Howard Hawks.  Russell, returning to the brand of comedy he minted in such films as Spanking the Monkey…

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Oscar Bait!

In Hollywood no one can hear you scream: that thought went through my head as I watched Rebecca Miller on the red carpet parade preceding last Sunday’s Golden Globes.  Miller is Mrs. Daniel Day-Lewis; she’s also a fine film director, so it was a touch dispiriting to see her introduced as merely “the wife” (okay,…

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Dory Previn, Lyricist, 1925-2012

  All ten year-old tragedians need a soundtrack.  Mine was the Theme from Valley of the Dolls, that heartbreaking ballad from the film that starred Barbara Parkins, Sharon Tate and Patty Duke.  I had no idea that the song was meant to underscore the film heroine’s descent into pill addiction (I thought Parkins, Tate and…

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Golden Boy

  It rained in LA.  Cablevision and Disney settled.  Clooney scowled.  Meryl glowed.  Cameron lost.  It’s the morning after the Oscars, that Hollywood rite-of-congratulation where worthy films often lose, when sentiment and box office determines winners, and where evening gowns posit enough importance to rival the Iraq War.  I’ve been a fan of all its…

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