Delaney Bramlett, Freddie Hubbard, Bernie Hamilton, Daniel Nagrin, Ann Savage, and Edward Purdom—this list of high-and-low cultured show folk said their last goodbyes at year’s end.  Now Pat Hingle’s gone, a character actor whose work spanned TV, film and the Broadway stage.  So many memorable performances (he was unforgettable as the hood who burned a hole in Angelica Huston’s hand in The Grifters); hard to say goodbye, but thankfully some of his best work lives on celluloid.  Rent the above, Citizen Cohn, A Thousand Acres, Norma Rae, Splendor in the Grass, or simply tune into the American Life TV Channel on cable, where the versatile Hingle reveals himself as the hardest working guest star on episodic television.  RIP.

Above, Hingle as Commissioner Gordon in Batman Returns, 1992