Last night, caught The Doors: When You’re Strangeon PBS’s American Masters, Tom DiCillo’s wonderful, hippie-to-riches saga of the group that gave us L.A. Woman, Riders on the Storm, and every stoner’s lullaby, Light My Fire. Narrated by Johnny Depp, When You’re Strange tells a myriad tale—of Jim Morrison, a Midwesterner who succumbed to substance abuse the way many of his era (Joplin, Hendrix) did, but not before his messianic presence made him a rock star for all seasons. But there’s also the band’s ascension, fall, and comeback scratching against the rise of a new conservatism, and the end of that legendary endless summer. DiCillo keeps it dreamily humming with his use of original footage (no re-inactments, hallelujah) whose vivid kodachrome palette blurs the distance between past and present; what unfolds is a sun-kissed depiction of a sound that still lives and a frontman who blazed brightly, briefly. A stunning, sexy winner—see it again this Friday at 9:30pm on WNET 13 or check for stations in your area.