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Of Reliquaries and Retrospects

The mournful qualities of fall—all those dying leaves whose color mimics that of dried blood—complement the inaugural season at New York LiveArts, the still-young merger between Dance Theater Workshop and Bill T. Jones/Arnie Dance Company.  With evergreen works by Jones and John Kelly being remounted, how intriguing that so far the theater unfolding in the…

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Moments with Marina

 “It’s endurance art,” I whispered to my spouse as we made our way through Marina Abromavic’s The Artist is Present at the Museum of Modern Art (through May 31).  Actually it’s about a great many things–like the willingness of viewers to accept, embrace, that which might discomfort the sensibilities (depictions of violence, nudity either from…

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The All-Life Strut

  It’s the last day for Walk the Walk, Kate Gilmore’s yellow, eye-popping commentary on how we plow through our days—by rote, with stamina and determination, sometimes in 2-inch heels.  Situated on the west side of Bryant Park, it’s performance-installation art for these trying times, though I wonder if the tourists get it.  No problem for…

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