In a perfect world, I’d have lots of money, a non-stop supply of peanut M/M’s and a house with an Alexander Calder sculpture in every room.  Long shots all, but the third is close enough to touch, at least until the 23rd of December: Calder 1941 focuses on a pivotal year in the life of an artist whose way with eye-popping shapes that dangle in the air, or rise from the ground, redefined not only abstraction but notions of space.  The Pace Gallery presents fifteen of his mobiles, and a few more of his prints; do yourselves a favor and spent a few moments with these wondrous works.  These delights are free–and they’ll change your point of view.

Calder 1941, October 21-December 23 on view at The Pace Gallery, 32 East 57th Street.