Freed_Harlem Freed_fire hydrant Freed_Harlem Father Ultimately photography is about who you are.  It’s the seeking of truth in relationship to yourself. And seeking truth becomes a habit

Leonard Freed

Over the weekend I made an attempt to meet up with my spouse for a gallery hop in Chelsea after yoga, but alas, the ones we targeted–ah, how best-laid plans get thwarted by the Memorial Day vacation agendas of others–were closed.  So it was an accident that J and I wandered into the Bruce Silverstein gallery to behold the images of Leonard Freed in his austere, oddly moving show called Black in White America.  Freed was a Magnum photographer–here his simple black and white stills capture black Americans going about their lives as America enters the dawn of the 60s.  It’s a surprising, exquisite rendering of a people and an era, filtered through Freed’s humanist lens.  Catch it before it leaves on June 13.