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Betting on the Redhead

Something to Look Forward to Dept: Lucille Ball’s birthday is today; had she lived, that madcap comedienne would’ve been 100.  But another redhead’s stealing her thunder this week.  The season of Lauren Ambrose is upon us; I was elated to see she’s appearing as a rabid press agent on the new season of my favorite…

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Tom Aldredge, 1928-2011

Unless you are a fan of television’s Damages (guilty), most people are unfamiliar with the work of the great Tom Aldredge.  On that show he played Glenn Close’s protector, the circumspect Uncle Pete in a subtle character portrayal that was typical of a man whose career made more of a mark on the Broadway stage,…

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Corin Redgrave 1939-2010, Christopher Cazenove 1943-2010

Both were Brits who excelled in aristocratic roles.  Corin Redgrave was a second-generation middle child in an acting dynasty whose sisters Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave overshadowed his solid career in films and on the stage (though I’ll not soon forget his towering Tony-nominated performance in Tennessee Williams’ Not About Nightingales at New York’s Circle in the…

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An Understanding of Our Nature

  “I wanted to sound an alarm.  But nothing had happened.” Alfieri, A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller. In the current revival of A View from the Bridge, the alarms ring throughout.  The play’s big Greek epiphany centers on a matter of trust: Eddie Carbone, the dockworker, commits a betrayal so huge that…

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