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Eating Art for Lunch

Best Saturday ever: first, Ann Hamilton’s installation at the Park Avenue Armory, then the George Bellows retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Ann’s from Lima, OH; Bellows hails from Columbus.  As a Cincinnatian, nice to know that our state’s renown extends beyond it being a swing state, and a conservative bastion.  If either work…

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Manhattan on the Rocks

Looks like we survived the week.  What an advantage we have living on top of a hill; still, it’s tree-heavy here.  A stroll through our neighborhood revealed the carnage of both broken limbs and major uprootings.  Meanwhile New York rises from the ashes.  The trick for them: drain the tunnels, get the subway and buses…

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Finding a suit, and myself

Like all great romances it started slowly.  First it was underwear; later I graduated to socks and ties, little wardrobe resuscitators for a single guy on a budget.  I found myself returning, a little shy, but intrigued, wondering if this was the way out of my J. Crew-Gap-Thrift Shop-Army-Navy fashion esthetic.  After all I’d become…

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Summer’s Lease

The giveaway happened this morning.  It came in the form of a sneeze—several, actually, all so forceful that my coffee flew out of my cup into my face.  No burns, only embarrassed, accompanied by NY1’s confirmation of my suspicions: ragweed had launched its ugly spores into the air.  Zyrtec, take me away. In this way…

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At war with woe

Last night from the fire escape of our apartment my partner and I gazed downtown to take in the Manhattan skyline.  There were our skyscrapers—the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, Citicorp, Time Warner and the still rising One World Trade Center—dotting the horizon, their spires lit up like an early Christmas.  Suddenly two large…

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Traffic Patterns

Published Attitude: The Dancer’s Magazine Summer 2010 In the late Eric Rohmer’s Love in the Afternoon, the film’s hero, Frederic, rhapsodizes about the city: “I love the city.  The suburbs and the provinces depress me.  Despite the crush and the noise, I never tire of plunging into the crowd; I love the crowd as I…

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