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Dread aught

A few nights ago at dinner out with new friends, our getting-to-know-each-other small talk circled around to coming out to our families. Our stories all had variants, but one thing seemed universal: how the presence of AIDS smoked the edges of each instance. Mine came at the end of a most challenging year, one spent…

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Traffic Patterns

Published Attitude: The Dancer’s Magazine Summer 2010 In the late Eric Rohmer’s Love in the Afternoon, the film’s hero, Frederic, rhapsodizes about the city: “I love the city.  The suburbs and the provinces depress me.  Despite the crush and the noise, I never tire of plunging into the crowd; I love the crowd as I…

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An Understanding of Our Nature

  “I wanted to sound an alarm.  But nothing had happened.” Alfieri, A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller. In the current revival of A View from the Bridge, the alarms ring throughout.  The play’s big Greek epiphany centers on a matter of trust: Eddie Carbone, the dockworker, commits a betrayal so huge that…

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