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Peter Orlovsky 1933-2010

Muse and lover of the late Allen Ginsburg, and a poet of note.  Here’s something from 1957… My Bed is Covered Yellow My bed is covered yellow – Oh Sun, I sit on you Oh golden field I lay on you Oh money I dream of you More, More, cried the bed – talk to…

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Lynn Redgrave 1943-2010

Strange or ironic, that on the day the Tony Award nominations are announced, a lovely obit for Lynn Redgrave appears in the New York Times. Sad that there’s been a run on Redgrave deaths (her brother Colin died earlier this year; her niece Natasha succumbed after a skiing accident in the spring of 2009). She…

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Letting go

Death shrouds Tom Ford’s adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s 1964 novel A Single Man.  Its protagonist, George Falconer, is a rarity in fiction, and on film: a gay middle-aged academic who hides his grief under an air of poised inscrutability.  He’s an Englishman in a southern California city who’s wrapping up the last day of his…

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O’Neill’s Hard Knocks

Passion. Desire. The ad copy for the current production of Desire Under the Elms is the kind of sexy teaser producers hope will put bodies in seats. No way would they tout the especial skills of Eugene O’Neill, an American playwright for the ages. But it’s his story up there, and while it’s by no…

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Past Present

Sunday April 5 is your last chance to catch Martha Clarke’s The Garden of Earthly Delights at the Minetta Lane Theatre. From its hypnotic opening promenade, as actors enact the evolution of beasts into humans, to its climatic high-flying ascent into a Dantéan hell, this artful interpretation of Hieronymus Bosch’s painting (a recreation of a…

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James Purdy 1914-2009

“My writing is concerned with the soul, with the unknown forces of the psyche.  A British writer said I write under the skin, which I liked.  In a spiritual sense, the real life of man is going on inside.  It’s not what he says or does, it’s something else.  The only way, I think, one…

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