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At war with woe

Last night from the fire escape of our apartment my partner and I gazed downtown to take in the Manhattan skyline.  There were our skyscrapers—the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, Citicorp, Time Warner and the still rising One World Trade Center—dotting the horizon, their spires lit up like an early Christmas.  Suddenly two large…

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Tom Aldredge, 1928-2011

Unless you are a fan of television’s Damages (guilty), most people are unfamiliar with the work of the great Tom Aldredge.  On that show he played Glenn Close’s protector, the circumspect Uncle Pete in a subtle character portrayal that was typical of a man whose career made more of a mark on the Broadway stage,…

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Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire March 25, 1911

It’s been 100 years, but a short memory is inexcusable.  The Republican Wisconsin senators who adopted a bill built to curtail collective bargaining for workers need to be reminded of the event that galvanized the movement for worker’s rights. March 25 is a notorious date for fires–in 1990 87 people died at the Happy Land…

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