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Dancing in 3G

Published Attitude: The Dancer’s Magazine Spring 2010 It’s the new inevitable.  A cellphone rings at the theater/a meeting/a museum/a formal dinner/fill in the inappropriate place.  The shattered mood is further scrambled by the offender’s mad dash to silence it, followed by contrite apologies, or the opposite: I’ve witnessed instances where people actually took the call…

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Widescreen Dreams

Published Attitude: The Dancer’s Magazine Winter 2009 This is the Rorschach: be born of more-or-less humble origins.  Grow up, get the 1) acting, or 2) singing bug, and make your way to the big city.  After a few stumbles and starts, your talent outs in a notable way and Hollywood takes the bait; go there…

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The Strange Ways of Love

Published Attitude: The Dancer’s Magazine Before Decreation, the new William Forsythe work that appeared this fall at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Harvey Gilman Opera House, there was Anne Carson’s Decreation, the title of a book and essay.  The word doesn’t appear in Webster’s, but Carson defines it as “… an undoing of the creature…

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Fall for Traffic

Rousing myself from my sofa scraped and bruised a day after I was car-doored on Park Avenue on the way to a yoga class.Traffic on Fifth Avenue was closed Saturday, which necessitated a detour onto one of the worst avenues for a biker.Maybe it was my preoccupation with the potholes, the lights (less of a…

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A Wonder World of Saints

It’s hard not to be impressed by Christopher Williams, or The Golden Legend, his new work that premiered at Dance Theater Workshop this spring.  And grateful—we’ve all bemoaned those evenings of dance that lack ambition, or at least a stroke of boldness or risk.  Arriving on the heels of another exploration of divine passion (his…

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 Winter—the warm weekend aside, such a slog, exacerbated by the downward spiral in our economy, unemployment numbers that have everyone on edge, and the possibility that the gay mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, might be down for the count because of an ill-considered sexual indiscretion. Nail in the Coffin Dept:  The Oscar Wilde Bookshop, the…

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Pat Hingle 1924-2009

 Delaney Bramlett, Freddie Hubbard, Bernie Hamilton, Daniel Nagrin, Ann Savage, and Edward Purdom—this list of high-and-low cultured show folk said their last goodbyes at year’s end.  Now Pat Hingle’s gone, a character actor whose work spanned TV, film and the Broadway stage.  So many memorable performances (he was unforgettable as the hood who burned a…

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